• Divorce by mutual consent and by common order;
  • Claims for a larger proportion of the property acquired during marriage;
  • Initial determination of maintenance, as well as its compulsory collection;
  • Parental rights dispute;
  • Parent-child relationship regime;
  • Substitution of the consent of the parent by a court decision - when a child is taken out of the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Restriction and deprivation of parental rights in the cases provided by the law;
  • Detection or challenge of child origin - challenge of paternity, recognition, establishment of fathers' claims of establishment;
  • Full and incomplete adoption;
  • Making a marriage contract. The marriage contract is a written agreement between future and / or current spouses, that is, even if a marriage is already concluded, a marriage contract may be signed. By means of it, the property relations are settled both at the time and at the termination of the marriage, in a manner chosen by the two spouses;